11th November 2016

Schedule and Entries

Entries open Tuesday 29th May and close Wednesday 11th July


Entries can be done online here or by filling in anĀ Entry Form to return by post. Entries will not be accepted over the telephone or without payment.

All classes will be drawn order which can be found here once entries have been finalised.

Draft Schedule


International Outdoor Arens

09:00 Start

Class 1: 4 Year Old Qualifier

Class 2: 5 Year Old Qualifier

Class 3: 6 Year Old Qualifier

Class 4: Foxhunter/1.20m Open

Class 5: 1.30m Open

Class 6: 1.40m Open


Hartpury Indoor Arena

Class 7: 85cm National Amateu

Class 8: British Novice/90cm Open

Class 9: Discovery/1m Open

Class 10: 1.05m National Amateur

Class 11: Newcomers

Class 12: Senior 1.15m Open



International Outdoor Arena

Class 13: Foxhunter

Class 14: 1.20m Open

Class 15: 1.30m Open

Class 16: Area Trial

Class 17: 1.10m Open

Class 18: 1.15m Open


Hartpury Indoor Arena

Class 19: British Novice/90cm Open

Class 20: 95cm National Amateur

Class 21: Discovery/1m Open

Class 22: 1.05m National Amateur

Class 23: Newcomers


Evening Hartpury Indoor Arena

Class 24: 4 Year Old Qualifier

Class 25: 5 Year Old Qualifier

Class 26: 6 Year Old Qualifier



International Outdoor Arena

Class 27: 4 Year Old Final

Class 28: 5 Year Old Final

Class 29: 6 Year Old Final

Class 30: Foxhunter

Class 31: 1.20m Open

Class 32: 1.30m Open

Class 33: 1.40m Open


Hartpury Indoor Arena

Class 34: British Novice/90cm Open

Class 35: Discovery/1m Open

Class 36: 1.05 National Amateur

Class 37: 1.10m National Amateur/1.10m Open

Class 38: Newcomers