27th October 2016

Stables and Facilities


Hartpury College has invested in excess of £4.6 million to build a world-class arena complex that provides a top-class competition venue to stage international competition.

The Hartpury Arena includes a 70m x 40m Andrews Bowen surface, a covered warm-up arena, a 150 seat panoramic restaurant, a bar and seating for 600 spectators.

The 80m x 60m International Outdoor Arena also boasts an Andrews Bowen surface and has an adjacent 60m x 29m warm-up arena.

Indoor warm-up facilities are available throughout the event.


Limited temporary stables are available at £45 per night. Friday night stables must be vacated by 4:00 pm on Saturday. If you are arriving for stables on Saturday night these might not be available until 5:00 pm due to the changeover.

Electric Hook-up must be booked in advance. Hook up is limited and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Veterinary facilities

There is a full range of veterinary, physiotherapy and farriery services available throughout the event.


Both the main campus restaurant and the Hartpury Arena restaurant offer a wide variety of good value hot meals and snacks, catering for all tastes.


Competitors have access to permanent shower facilities during the competition.