27th October 2016


Friday 8th December

14:00 Start

Hartpury Arena –

Class 1 – Ermin Plant Small and Big Tour Open Warm Up Height 1.25m

Class 2 – Monarch Equestrian Small Tour 1st Leg Height 1.30m

Class 3 – Hartpury Equine Academy Big Tour 1st Leg Height 1.35m


Saturday 9th December

10:00 Start

Hartpury Arena –

Class 4 – Superflex Small Tour Grand Prix Height 1.30m

Class 5 – Baileys Horse Feeds Big Tour Grand Prix
Height 1.40m

Class 6 – Payrolls UK Ltd. A and B Tour Warm Up Height 1.10m/1.15m

Class 7 – Cushionbed Amateur A Tour Ist Leg Height 1.10m/1.15m

Class 8 – Hartpury Equine Amateur B T0ur 1st Leg Height 1.15m/1.20m



Sunday 10th December

09:00 Start


Hartpury Arena –

Class 9 – Zamar Open Warm Up Height 1.10m

Class 10 – Andrews Bowen Amateur A Tour Grand Prix Height 1.15m

Class 11 – Hartpury Equine Amateur B Tour Grand Prix Height 1.20m

Class 12 – Blue Chip Karma Performance Championship Qualifier Height 1.20m

Class 13 – Blue Chip Dynamic B&C Championship Qualifier Height 1.30m